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Re: Licsensing scientific data

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 02:21:33AM +0100, Peter Cock wrote:
> I have had an initial reply that the licensing issue will be raised
> at the next UniProt consortium meeting, but in the meantime
> they recommend downloading test files via the UniProt API
> as part of a test suite, rather than bundling files.

Seems to be a reasonable compromise specifically because you can be qute
sure to fetch up to date files.
> Obviously a unit test requiring network access has downsides,
> but this seems a practical interim solution for packaging
> EMBOSS etc within Debian free.

Because we can not relay on network access when building the package we
can not do this test at package build time.  However, it is reasonable
to assume that there is network access at build time (because in most
practical cases you are fetching the package from network).  So there
is the option to ask a debconf question like

   Download test data from UniProt and run test suite after installation?

     [Y]es / No

Kind regards



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