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Re: Debian Med Bioinformatics Sprint in Lübeck : post-install

Meta-remark: I removed those e-mail addresses where I know people are
reading Debian Med list (specifically leader@debian.org who was
interested in the general resume but not in detailed discussion).  I
would be happy if we could move the discussion to
debian-med@lists.debian.org without the long CC list if I could assume
that nobody, who is really interested in this topic will miss the
information.  So in my next mail I'll probably strip the CC list and
there is always the archive of the list in case somebody is interested
but is afraid of the list.

On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 09:39:50AM +0000, Alan R Williams wrote:
> > I intend to have a look at biomaj in more detail once Olivier has
> > published a downloadable tarball.
> There is a downloadable tar.  It's on the biomaj website
> http://biomaj.genouest.org

I think I agreed with Oliver to have a tarball which can be downloaded
by a tool (like uscan which parses new versions) rather than only a
human beeing which can enter captchas.  Oliver, did I missed something
or missunderstood you?
Kind regards



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