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Re: Connecting those interested in getting GT.M into theDebianrepositories

On Tue, Sep 07, 2010 at 09:54:48AM -0400, K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> [KSB] Thank you, Charles.  This is is a handy feature that I was not  
> aware of!

Debian is cool, isn't it? ;-)

> The first question is: should the GT.M package require ICU (International 
> Components for ICU) or should it recommend it?

We would simply trust your decision.  If you consider GT.M as dependant
from libicu we use Depends.  However, a Recommends is de facto quite
strong.  If a user does not explicitely exclude recommends these
packages will be installed anyway.  So you should probably answer the
question:  Can you imagine any real application where GT.M should run
without libicu.  If the answer is yes, use Recommends to give the admin
a chance to avoid libicu.  For all practical cases a Recommends is

> The reason for recommending ICU but not requiring it: for people  
> developing applications that are strictly ASCII based (all characters in  
> all strings that the applications handles are single byte with the high  
> order bit 0), ICU support is unnecessary overhead.  For applications that 
> are pure English can use pure ASCII and not care.
> The reason for: if ICU is not required, those developing applications  
> that are not pure ASCII may be tempted to use ISO-8859 variants that have 
> the high order bit set to 1 instead of using UTF-8.  Given that there is  
> not a single ISO-8859 variant that works for all European languages, if  
> there are applications that use languages other than English, requiring  
> ICU encourages those application developers to use a better character  
> encoding.

IMHO as long as you are dealing with peoples names you always have to
respect non-ASCII characters even in pure English environments.

> The second question is: for ICU support, should GT.M require or recommend 
> libicu## or should it require or recommend libicu-dev?

There are only "Build-Depends" (and no Build-Recommends) - so this is

Kind regards



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