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About GSoC project "Large dataset manager".

Hello everybody,

I'm very interested in the GSoC project "Large dataset manager", and
would very much like to apply for this.

Here is some info about myself in a semi-CV form based on
Name: Roy Hvaara
Email: This address, omes@omes.org or roy.hvaara@gmail.com
Background: I'm a second year medical student abroad. I'm originally
Norwegian, but study in Hungary. I've been using debian for about 3-4
years now, and think it's the best distro I've used so far. I started
using linux about 6 years ago with slackware... As you might
understand I quickly changed to something with a better package
manager; gentoo. I still think portage is a great manager, but the
time it takes to compile everything from scratch simply outweighs the
benefits. A few friends introduced me to debian, and here I am.

I've been doing php, perl and shell scripting for some time, and I'm
slowly learning c. My studies takes up most of my time.

I think perl is the most suited for this task, and getData is also in perl.

I think this project is really interesting, and I would love to spend
my summer on it. I have some ideas on how to accomplish a nice result,
and I'll continue thinking on it until summer starts. I can write more
about them in a different post if you're interested. This is something
I would love to do even if not for SoC.

Exams and other commitments: My exam period starts on the 18th of May,
but I will work hard to get done with my exams as soon as possible,
and even harder to make up for any time I might lose on my project.

After the summer: I've always wanted to manage a couple of packets,
but during the semester I have very limited time, and I don't want to
start something I can't finish.

Would anyone on this list be willing to be my mentor? Is there
anything else I should do to apply for this?

Best Regards,
Roy Hvaara

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