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Re: List of free medical software

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009, Carlos Luis Sánchez Bocanegra wrote:

       1. Outdated translation is worse than no translation at all.

          So if you really intent to translate something make sure to coordinate
          your intend with the authors to make sure they will keep you informed
          about changes.  A one time translation effort which bitrots for years
          is just frustrating for readers of the old content and hides the new
          information for them

it would be very interesting!, some howto or similar to investigate?

I'm not sure whether you understood the paragraph I wrote above correctly -
at least your question did not fit the content.  It was just a warning to
make sure that original and translation are in sync.  The first thing which
comes to mind is contacting the authors of the English text.

       2. Just assembling a list with translated comments to untranslated
          content is not very helpful.

          Many of the projects are in English language.  If native speakers of
          Spanish language find out that they are always pointed to content in
          English they might become frustrated because they meet a dead end.

Ok, i will move into my community on http://redes.epesca.org

          The rationale behind the tasks pages we provide in Debian Med is that
          we have not only a list of software but we try to provide ready to install
          software behind the link of this list (at least we do our best with the
          available man power).  You see the difference between pointing to a
          list of homepages or pointing to a ready to install package which you
          can maintain with a localised tool (like synaptic or something like that)?
          You do not have to understand any installation / configuration instructions
          etc - you are quickly up and running.  If you are really lucky the authors
          of the software in question have cared for translations in their software
          and so you are able to circumvent the non-translated homepage and the
          user gets a working program without having to read an English text.

          What I want to say is the following: It might be more effective for your
          users to make sure that any description of pages like


 Perfect i will div on it and try to find who can help you.

That would be great.

Kind regards



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