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Re: ballview: Andreas is helped by Andreas

On Fri, 7 Nov 2008, Steffen Moeller wrote:

I just addded Andreas Hildebrand to our project who has continued the
works of Andreas Moll for the packaging of their BallView protein
structure inspection/dynamics/..whatever.. library.  Andreas is one of
the upstream researchers/developers of BallView,

So taking over ITP #407665 would make sense to convince me to change
the "Responsible:" field in task bio.

So, besides the mere exchange of software packages, Debian-Med starts to
connect researchers. This is good. The Nettab 2009 will be about
"Technologies, Tools and Applications for Collaborative and Social
Bioinformatics Research and Development" (www.nettab.org) and I really
think we should present Debian-Med there for exactly these reasons.

"I really think we should" ... hmmm.
I learned that thinking a group should do something will not end up
in any action.  It goes like

  "I will do ... Would somebody volunteer to help me in this or
   that specific issue to support my work."

Kind regards



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