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Re: ballview: Andreas is helped by Andreas

>> So, besides the mere exchange of software packages, Debian-Med starts to
>> connect researchers. This is good. The Nettab 2009 will be about
>> "Technologies, Tools and Applications for Collaborative and Social
>> Bioinformatics Research and Development" (www.nettab.org) and I really
>> think we should present Debian-Med there for exactly these reasons.
> "I really think we should" ... hmmm.
> I learned that thinking a group should do something will not end up
> in any action. It goes like
> "I will do ... Would somebody volunteer to help me in this or
> that specific issue to support my work."
:) right. I just did not want to claim that I'd speak on behalf of the
community upfront.
I'll prepare a draft and announce it here ... not earlier than next
year, though.



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