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dpkg --root / klik (Was: Imported io-lib, a Staden library)

On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, James Bonfield wrote:

At the risk of exploding a holy flame war, this is something RedHat
did years ago with rpm and it proved to be very useful at times. It's
certainly a feature I've missed with apt.

Ahh, OK.  I'm not aware that this feature was ever wanted.  Is there
active resistance against this feature or did just nobody cared to
implement it?

Requiring editing of /etc files doesn't really solve the problem.
Normal users who may wish to maintain their own software tree (as is
the case with Tim's comments on /software/<package_or_group>/...
directories) should ideally be able to just do "apt-get install --root
/software/fubar xyzzy".

On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

PS for Andreas: the --root option of dpkg allows to install a Debian
binary package in another root, for intance one's home directory.

Ah, OK, something like Klik (http://klik.atekon.de/).  I'm in no ways
a friend of this - but it seems to do what you want.

Kind regards


PS: Perhaps a topic rather for debian-devel than for debian-med ...


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