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Re: Imported io-lib, a Staden library

On 9 Jul 2008, at 7:42 am, Andreas Tille wrote:

On Wed, 9 Jul 2008, Tim Cutts wrote:

In principle, I'm more than happy to help out, but as with everything else, my time is limited. ...

Sure - we talked about this at DebConf last year and I also remember the reasons you mentioned why you are not using packaged versions. It would be stupid if I would try to argue about your workflow at Sanger which has proven to be reasonable. (I'm probably biased but I think that providing software in packages and enabling users to pin on a certain version leads
do better reproducable results than local builds.)

That only works if users have their own machines. Most of our bioinformatics goes on a couple of very large shared clusters, so pinning doesn't work. I agree with you in principle, which is why I do package stuff when I can (for example, I package some of the perl modules we need, such as AcePerl, because the version required doesn't change much)


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