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Re: Maq packaging (Was: Maq: Strange 64bit issue)

On Tue, 8 Jul 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

from the maq manpage, it seems that users are expected to be able to run
maq or maq.pl in command line, so they definitely will have to go to
/usr/bin. maq.pl is a pipeline that calls many maq programs (themselves
called through /usr/bin maq). If this is a good reason for keeping the
.pl extension, we can write a Lintian override,

Well, I don't mind about an override if it makes sense.  If the docs say
"call maq.pl" we should not change the name - but I have not found docs
saying this explicitely.

otherwise let's discuss
the issue with Upstream. Same for the undocumented Perl scripts: let's
write a minimal POD manpage and submit the diff as a bug report in

Would you take over this job because I'm not very comfortable with POD?
Moreover once you are at it in their bug tracker I - I'm curious about
the other scripts not automatically installed by the installer.

Unfortunately it still crashes. I will ask on debian-powerpc and keep
you informed.

While I can perfectly build a reasonable package the executable fails:

$ /usr/bin/maq
-bash: /usr/bin/maq: cannot execute binary file
$ ldd /usr/bin/maq
ldd: exited with unknown exit code (126)

I expect another 64 bit issue and will continue asking on debian-devel.

Kind regards



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