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Re: Maq packaging (Was: Maq: Strange 64bit issue)

Le Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 10:02:35AM +0200, Andreas Tille a écrit :
>    1. Renaming *.pl files
>       Lintian warns about files /usr/bin/*.pl 
>       (script-with-language-extension)
>       and normally it would be cheap to rename these but in this specific
>       case we have a binary map and a script map.pl and thus we can only
>       have one of them names maq.

>    2. Documenting Perl scripts
>       We have some binary-without-manpage warnigs and I would like to
>       remove these - but as I mentioned above I have no idea what these
>       scripts are doing.  SO I feel unable to write a reasonable man
>       page.

Hi Andreas,

from the maq manpage, it seems that users are expected to be able to run
maq or maq.pl in command line, so they definitely will have to go to
/usr/bin. maq.pl is a pipeline that calls many maq programs (themselves
called through /usr/bin maq). If this is a good reason for keeping the
.pl extension, we can write a Lintian override, otherwise let's discuss
the issue with Upstream. Same for the undocumented Perl scripts: let's
write a minimal POD manpage and submit the diff as a bug report in

> >Unfortunately, the binary building also fails on my machine (powerpc):
> Is this solved now by the Build-Depends I used according to the hint
> on debian-devel?

Unfortunately it still crashes. I will ask on debian-powerpc and keep
you informed.

Have a nice day,


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