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Maq packaging (Was: Maq: Strange 64bit issue)

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

Anyway, Maq had a nice advertisement in a recent review published in
Genome Research, and it is therefore definitely one of the programs we
must add to our collection before the end of the year. I just imported
a rudimentary packaging in our subversion repository.

OK, seems we have good chances considering the progress we made in SVN.
The remaining issues are:

   1. Renaming *.pl files
      Lintian warns about files /usr/bin/*.pl (script-with-language-extension)
      and normally it would be cheap to rename these but in this specific
      case we have a binary map and a script map.pl and thus we can only
      have one of them names maq.

      Moreover I'm absolutely unclear about the role these *.pl files
      are playing.  They are not documented and I wonder whether they
      should be put into /usr/share/maq while adapting the path apropriately.
      But no *.c file seems to refer to any of these scripts and the
      assumption that maq binary is calling the scripts seems to be

      Another question is why only half of the scripts are installed
      by Makefile.am:bin_SCRIPTS ...

   2. Documenting Perl scripts
      We have some binary-without-manpage warnigs and I would like to
      remove these - but as I mentioned above I have no idea what these
      scripts are doing.  SO I feel unable to write a reasonable man

Unfortunately, the binary building also fails on my machine (powerpc):

Is this solved now by the Build-Depends I used according to the hint
on debian-devel?

Kind regards



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