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Inofficial packages for medical imaging

Hi Michael,

I'm currently working on the consolidation of prospective packages
for medical imaging.  I have seen that you are providing a certain
amount of packages in this field at


with a private package pool at


This pool contains several backported packages.  I would recommend
using backports.org for a better consolidation and helping users to
find this stuff at a central place.

Moreover you might consider using the debian-med SVN on Alioth for
your inofficial packages that are not yet part of Debian.  IMHO this
will have a positive effect for your personal work and also for
reaching a official state.

I also have a very specific question regarding the mni-n3 package.
The page abov claims that packages are available but I'm unable to
find any *.deb.  Could you provide an URL pointing to the Debian

Kind regards



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