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Re: Inofficial packages for medical imaging

Hi all,

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 02:54:21PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> I'm currently working on the consolidation of prospective packages
> for medical imaging.  I have seen that you are providing a certain
> amount of packages in this field at
>   http://apsy.gse.uni-magdeburg.de/main/index.psp?page=hanke/debian&lang=en
> with a private package pool at
>   http://apsy.gse.uni-magdeburg.de/debian/
> This pool contains several backported packages.  I would recommend
> using backports.org for a better consolidation and helping users to
> find this stuff at a central place.
Right, this is true. The reason why I will not do this, at least in the
near future is, that I am not a DD. I would have to ask for sponsoring
(twice). I am in close contact with me prefered sponsor, but I do not
want to put this additional burden on him.

> Moreover you might consider using the debian-med SVN on Alioth for
> your inofficial packages that are not yet part of Debian.  IMHO this
> will have a positive effect for your personal work and also for
> reaching a official state.

> I also have a very specific question regarding the mni-n3 package.
> The page abov claims that packages are available but I'm unable to
> find any *.deb.  Could you provide an URL pointing to the Debian
> package?
ATM there is only one prospective package that I'd consider a candidate
for Debian that I also want to maintain by myself (read: willing to invest
time in it, not occupying by sticking my name on it). This package is
called 'caret' and is my only open ITP. All other I made in the past,
because I thought they might be needed as deps for other packages.
However, the situation change significantly and I do not maintain them
anymore. I've uploaded all of them to mentors some time ago. Feel free
to fetch them from there (the ones that are not yet in Debian) and
inject them into the deb-med-svn, if they look appropriate.

Per visibility: So far the packages seem to be in good shape. For me the
current approach debian-med has taken with svn and deb+patches-only
is a quite high threshold. ATM I'd consider this more work for me not
less, as I got used to use git plus its tools and the repositories on
Alioth. Maybe times will change ... ;-)



PS: The caret package needs a tiny bit of more work, so it is not yet
ready to go. This is mainly due to the size of the datasets shipped with
it. I have a solution, but it has to be polished before it can serve as
a proposal how to deal with big datasets.

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