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Re: [Bioperl-l] Are all recommended modules equally important ?

Hilmar Lapp wrote:
On Mar 17, 2008, at 11:38 AM, Dave Messina wrote:

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your note.

All of the BioPerl 'recommended' modules involve optional functionality, so
I would think all of them would map to 'suggested' under Debian so they
won't be installed by default.

I would probably elevate LWP to 'recommended.' Other than that I agree.

I looked at the most used external modules. Used 6 times or more:

  Data::Dumper => used 55 times
  Carp => used 51 times
  IO::String => used 25 times
  Symbol => used 19 times
  File::Spec => used 17 times
  HTTP::Request::Common => used 17 times
  POSIX => used 12 times
  DB_File => used 11 times
  Fcntl => used 11 times
  IO::File => used 11 times
  Exporter => used 10 times
  File::Temp => used 9 times
  Dumpvalue => used 8 times
  LWP::UserAgent => used 8 times
  Scalar::Util => used 8 times
  URI::Escape => used 8 times
  File::Basename => used 6 times
  File::Path => used 6 times
  XML::Writer => used 6 times

I can never remember how to figure out which of those is included with perl 5.6.1.

Except maybe XML::Writer, if we do want to promote anything to recommended, I suppose it would be those above.

I also agree with everything Dave said; if it's easier everything can be 'suggested'.

(I reckon most if not all of the Data::Dumper and Carp usages should be removed)

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