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The overlongish texlive entries


if you look at


you will notice that you need several PgDown (15 at my screen) to reach the
next entry in our table.  IMHO this sucks.

There are several ways out and I wonder which you like best.

  1. The Meta-Package Reorganisation solution
     Well, the texlive packages are only suggested in the med-bio
     package and perhaps it is broken to have Recommends and
     Suggests listed equally in the list above - but perhaps even
     the suggests is wrong here.  What do you think about a meta

           med-typesetting   or   med-publishing

     This would have the side effect that users will not be confusded
     by TexLive entries in the Biological section and also there is no
     really good reason why we suggest it in med-bio but not in med-bio-dev,
     med-imaging or whatever.

     This solution (which I kind of like) does not really help against
     the longish entry, but kind of moves it away to a place where it is
     not really confusing for users.

  2. Talk to the Debian TeX Maintainers
     a) Please find a way to cut the overlongish description.
     b) Think about splitting the package into several packages.
     We could do this in any case - perhaps they like the suggestion.

  3. Just fix the Symptom solution
     We could Replace all lines following line 20 (for instance)
     of the long description by "... [more]" featuring a link to the package
     description page.

  4. Other ideas

All solutions could be done in parallel and there is no real conflict,
but I'm actually keen on hearing your opinion about the meta package solution.
Sometimes the form uncovers problems in the content ...

Kind regards



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