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Re: Confusion about RAxML versions and copyright

Hi Andreas,

Excellent, thanks :-)


On Sat, 29 Dec 2007, Alexandros Stamatakis wrote:

Probably we can, I have put my friends from Tuebingen on the CC.

I forewarded their positive answer to the list ...
(Thanks for creating the contact.)

I would just change the AxPcoords text to:

AxPcoords is a fast, LAPACK-based implementation of DistPCoA (see http://www.bio.umontreal.ca/Casgrain/en/labo/distpcoa.html) which is another program by Pierre Legendre, it conducts a principal coordinates analysis. This program is required for the pipeline that conducts a full host-parasite co-phylogenetic analysis in combination with AxParafit.

Updated in SVN.

We also have two freely accessible web-servers available for RAxML now, don't know if you want to include that
in the RAxML description:


Added to RAxML description and updated in SVN.

Happy new year,

Same to you and the list


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