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Re: Confusion about RAxML versions and copyright

On Fri, 28 Dec 2007, Alexandros Stamatakis wrote:

Still working on it, by the way, are there any Pthreads specialists on this list?

If not here you might be lucky on debian-devel list - but you should
mention the relation to Debian packaging - just in case people wonder
why you are locking for general help ...

I just checked, neither is the case any more in the new release,
I don't want to be accused of writing windowish code ;-)


It might perhaps be a good idea to also integrate CopyCat which is a java-based GUI that
implements and steers the whole AxParafit-analysis pipeline into Debian-Med.

See: http://www-ab.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/software/copycat/welcome.html

Thanks for the description of AxPcoords and this hint.  I added both to
our prospective packages list, but unfortunately the later one seems
to be non-free (regarding DFSG).

That will make the whole thing more comprehensive and easier to use.

Perhaps we could sort out the license issue for our users.

To Alexandros: We are currently working on a system that replaces
our statical todo list in the Debian-Med webspace by a dynamic list
but this is not yet finished and thus the text above will not be
visible for the next weeks but we hope to get it ready in the
beginning of next year.

All right, thanks,

Thanks to david this is done now and oyu can find AxParafit listet at


Any hints for enhancing the description are welcome.  The other
both mentioned above will be listed as soon as the cron job processed

Kind regards



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