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Re: CdMedic Pacs Web

On Mon, 5 Nov 2007, Pablo Sau <psau@cadpet.es>
I know, but it was easier to me to go that way, I could create a tar
archive with
the directory layout and files, but in the unofficial deb is more
about dependences and also install/remove  related scripts.

Well, normally the dependencies are described verbally in an installation
manual.  You are kind of discriminating users of non Deb-based
distributions.  But if this is your decision we could build a tarball
from your CVS.  I just wanted to make explicitely sure that the
way you are prefering is really intended.

Yes, it is. The problem is due to mysql 5 uses Mod as reserved word and
it is a field
of the DIM and FIS tables so, changing the 3 occurrences of Mod in idb.c
by Modality
and the same change on CreateDIMTables.script and
CreateFISTables.script, the
problem is solved. I've attached the three modified files. I know a
patch would have
been more elegant. CTN project seems by now to be dead,  I had previous
with ERL ctn people because the software failed  on amd64, compiles
cleanly but
doesn't work,  I submitted the solution but nothing happened, for that
reason I  have
a deb  on SF of ctn for amd64  that works properly.

Well I forewarded this information to 326916@bugs.debian.org as well
to enable the maintainer to keep track easily.

I'm always using Debian, but I found the problem that the last beta
version of
Aeskulap DICOM viewer failed to compile in Debian beacause dependence

What is the actual dependency problem?  We are keen on learning if
you know that something is missing in Debian.

and it had no problem in Ubuntu, I tried it as the developer
Ubuntu packages. The Aeskulap beta  version is the only one that works with
ctn, previous ones failed to query it, I had to convince Alexander Pipelka,
the Aeskulap developer, of the bug presence, then he asked for a ctn
working in
Internet  for testing purposes, and I made one available so he could
correct the bug.
I think that Aeskulap is interesting as is the only  DICOM viewer for
Linux, that I've found.

If Aeskulap is interesting (considering the web page it is) we should
integrate it into Debian.  I just added the project to
as "wanted package" to keep track of our wishlist.  I hereby decided
that I try to port all the TODO wishlist stuff into the task files.
Considering David's nice work we have good chances to turn this into
web pages soon.  If somebody wants to issue an ITP for the project
the task files could be used as some source of information for a
package description.

I've already subscribed to it,  and follow with interest its
development. Also you
can check that I submitted a ctn bug to Debian Bug tracking system on
2004 but was first downgraded and then closed after 2.5 year, so I lost some
interest and went on my own.

Well to be fair if I look at your bug report


you were asked by the maintainer for more information:

   Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 10:01:17 +0200

   Do you still have a need for those apps to be packaged? Please
   let me know; if there's demand for it I'll look into it.

   Subject: No feedback, closing
   Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2007 13:38:48 +0100

   Since there's been no further response to this bug in 2.5 years,
   I'm closing it.

I would not consider this behaviour of the maintainer as rude.  Perhaps
you missed his question and you could reopen this bug (well, actually
I think a new bug has to be filed, because you can not reopen bugs
once they are archived).  The problem is that your chances would
increase drastically if you provide a patch because the maintainer
stated that I is not using the package personally and thus his interest
is not very high.  On the other hand we gained some momentum in the
Debian-Med team and perhaps others will step in.

Thanks for your patch which now is residing in the BTS.

Kind regards



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