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CdMedic Pacs Web

Hi Pablo,

we have got a hint to your CdMedic Pacs Web package at


where you provide Debian packages from


Your software seems to be interesting for the Debian-Med
project and thus we would like to include it into official Debian
distribution.  To do this we would need some kind of source
tarball.  Unfortunately I was only able to find prepackaged
Debian packages for Ubuntu, but I did not found a source
from where you compiled these packages.

Could you be so kind to give us a hint where we could download
the source?  I think if we would include Cd Medic Pacs Web into
Debian you would have less work to distribute it as Debian packages
because many Ububtu users include the Debian mirror in their
sources.list or just rebuild packages from Debian for Ubuntu. So
you would be able to concentrate exclusively onto the code while
we could care for the distribution.

Kind regards and thanks for preparing the Debian packages anyway



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