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Re: Wishlist time

On Sun, 7 Oct 2007, David Paleino wrote:

I saw that. It was a PHP3 project, with a SQLite backend. Or kinda. And the
graphic layout was kinda awful :(

Well, I can not comment on the PHP version - considering the age of the
project it might have been PHP3, but IMHO it was based on PostgreSQL
database.  Well, the user interface itself does not need further comments -
it was just done several years ago ...

I did start (once) to port it to (at least) PHP5 (if not PHP6 in the future),
but it was just too messy. Some day maybe I'll take it again.

IMHO you should have a look into GNUmed.  Perhaps you could enhance it
to work also for Dentists?

I'm actually crossing fingers for GNUDental [1].

Might be another option.

(I remember I also contacted the authors on sf.net to be added to the project
members -- they didn't contact me back)

This is what we call "dead upstream".

Kind regards



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