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Re: New tags for biology and medicine.

> > The advantage is the adaption to complex workflows. I see no way that
> > system administrators can prepare all tools well in advance and all
> > database and update them all in time. No way, even for some constrained
> > field like biological sequence analysis.
> This statement obviousely shows that you had not yet looked into FAI.
> I guess Thomas Lange (FAI author) would smirk brightly if he would read
> this. :)

We will employ FAI for our cause, but all the decision making for which we 
would have used DebTags will have happened prior to when FAI gets into 
action. I had read the FAI manual for version 2 a while back and now skimmed 
the FAI Wiki. But I must have missed what your are meaning, twice.

> Moreover I continuosely fail to see in how far this will be changed by
> implementing deeper DebTags hierarchy.
I did not mean to say that it must be deeper. I am already happy when we find 
some agreemend on that it would be useful.

> > Maybe the admins get in sync for the first
> > users and agree on some setup, they will not do it for the 205th. And
> > they should not. So if you need a tailored runtime environment for your
> > tasks, then you need some way to get it established dynamically.  Now,
> > every cluster participating in a, e.g., campus grid can allow arbitrary
> > installations or they could be constrained differently for each cluster.
> But you are describing local need of a campus that could never been
> implemented in DebTags.  FAI just has this kind of classification and
> was build for exactly this reason.
Would you have a link for the classification thingy for me? Or the right terms 
for a google search?



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