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Re: New tags for biology and medicine.

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Benjamin Mesing wrote:

Sorry, I can't really follow your thoughts here, do you vote against a
fine-grained tagging?

For the moment and regarding the existing package set I do not think that the
proposed fine grained tagging is necessary.

     * clean separation
     * you keep the full expressivity of the main vocabulary (i.e. you
       can add tags into the other facets like works-with, made-of...)
     * additional administrative overhead for hosting the tag database
     * additional overhead for users of this tag database, which must
       be enabled one way or another
     * tagging infrastructure must be provided (or happen centrally by
       the Debian-med team)

This is exactly what I expected.  So I personally will not spend my time
into a separate DebTags set because the disadvantages are in my eyes by
far higher than the advantages.

Sure, I am not saying that we actually *need* the level of detail there,
but that eventually the same level of detail will arise in the other
areas, which will bloat the vocabulary.

IMHO bloating the vocabulary is something we should definitely avoid.

Kind regards



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