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Re: New tags for biology and medicine.

On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, Steffen Moeller wrote:

We will employ FAI for our cause, but all the decision making for which we
would have used DebTags will have happened prior to when FAI gets into
action. I had read the FAI manual for version 2 a while back and now skimmed
the FAI Wiki. But I must have missed what your are meaning, twice.

Well, it was long ago when I read the docs but I keept up to date by
frequent discussions with the main FAI author.  According to my understanding
you can define  classes of install targets and if you apply your classification
needs to those class definitions you are ready (IMHO).

Would you have a link for the classification thingy for me? Or the right terms
for a google search?

Unfortunately not (because my knowledge update was always vocally.  But I'm
very positive that a mail to the FAI mailing list or Thomas Lange in person
will clarify things very quickly.

Kind regards



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