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Re: New tags for biology and medicine.


I am writing to our list, so whoever is officially answering Benjamin might 
want to consider ...

On Wednesday 05 September 2007 19:20:58 Benjamin Mesing wrote:

> also be ok, since we wouldn't have anything to do with that ;-). We
> would like to put the following tags in the main hierarchy either way:
>       * field::medicine
>       * use::comparison (though Enrico warned about the name - we would
>         imagine a diff tool from that, but I think it is just fine to
>         use it with different interpretation)
I think the understanding of a diff tool is fine. It is a ranked diff, though.
>       * use::analysis
>       * field::medicine:imaging (I wouldn't want to place that into
>         biology:: and don't see the need for a med:: facet yet)
d'accord, I think.
> If there are no objections I will add those in roughly a week.
> And the following tags in the biology facet (note that I have adapted
> some of the tag names):
>       * ::bioinformatics, ::molecular-biology, ::structural-biology
>         (though those could go into field::biology if you rather see
>         that)
biology::structural-biology I would not mind to see instead as 
biology::molecular-biology:structural ... nice? not so? 

>       * ::format:aln, ::format:fasta, ::format:nexus (or would you
>         rather have aln-format, fasta-format,..?)
I prefer ::format:aln
>       * ::emboss
biology::emboss is strange, I think. Sadly, it addresses many fields that we 
have just split apart.

>       * ::nucleic-acids, ::peptides
I would them have underneath ::molecular-biology, I think.

>       * ::alignment-analysis, ::phylogeny-analysis (if you really think
>         this is neccessary)
This I would prefer as biology::analysis:alignment. 
biology::analysis:phylogeny, biology::analysis:interaction. 

We do not have databases in Debian much, yet. But where would they go? 
Is "analysis" possibly not the right term? Is "::investigation" better?

> Once this is agreed upon and the remaining questions are answered, I
> will add the biology facet.

> We are not sure about the ::algorithm:* thing. They are not biology
> specific so it would be odd to put them there.

> Besides, Enrico pointed 
> out, that nearly everything (at least the software) is made-of
> algorithms.
I can agree here, too.

> Additionally, to me the whole made-of facet does not seem 
> very concise anyways...
The motivation is to see SSAHA and from the tags learn: ah, this does 
nucleotide sequence comparisons and searches with some hashing. Blast 
probably uses some hashing somewhere, too, but dynamic programming is what is 
key to its functionality.




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