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Re: med-imaging web status (was Re: opendicom)

On Thu, 23 Aug 2007, Charles Plessy wrote:

I have now subscribed to the modifications of the page (personnaly, I do
not know how to to this for the list),

I think the debian-med-packaging list would be a reasonable subscriber.
What's the problem in subscribing a list?

and will progressively integrate
the differences into www.debian.org. For the moment, I have already
'promoted' amide, dinifty and pynifti to the green zone.

Thanks for this.  Just noticed that amide is available to.  I have
to update the meta packages for this but I'm currently working on
a complete new cdd-dev that also builds Debian-Edu packages.  This
moves will consume some time before new Debian-Med packages will be
able to release.  But I think we have some time for the next Debian
release ... ;-)

Kind regards



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