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med-imaging web status (was Re: opendicom)


On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 12:01:51PM +0200, Roland Marcus Rutschmann wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry I haven't looked to the page for a while but 
> PyNifti (aka python-nifti) and dinifti (aka dicomnifti) are officially in 
> debian testing now. Packages for stable are also available via apt-get at
> deb http://apsy.gse.uni-magdeburg.de etch main 
> kudos to Michael Hanke
> So a bit more "green" for the debian-med/imaging web-page.
The current status is documented on


I know I could have applied for <please fill in whatever it is> to
update the real webpage (to benefit from translations at least), but currently
the threshold is a bit to high for me.

I thought we had setup the modification logs to be sent to debian-med?



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