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Re: Just another project and call for unification

On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, Fred Trotter wrote:

The original link is here...

We should include this in our news section.
It's a great effort and I whish you good luck!

We are generally very keen on working with Debian-med. Once we release a
ClearHealth and FreeB 1.0 version we will also begin supporting package
based installations. Debian Packages will be one of only two packages
that the project will support. Making sure those packages are excellent
is a high priority and we want to work with Debian-med to make sure we
do everything right.
I'm keen on hearing any news from FreeB.  Just tell me whether you
have some inofficial packages of it.  I would have a look at it.
Once I had my discussion with Jeff I brought it nearly to a state
which was fit for an upload.  Than I got no further response.  Fot
the whole project we would need more work but these tiny modules are
perfect for packaging.

Kind regards



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