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Just another project and call for unification


from a German news aricle


I learned about the ClearHealth project


So we could list just another project on our Todo list.  While I'm
personally get bored when I see just another project which tries to
invent the wheel without making it round because the forces are splitted
so that nobody will succeed I learned from the article that Fred Trotter -
the project maintainer and author of the billing system FreeB (just
listed at our pages) suggest cooperation with other projects finally.

I do not find the time for seeking the original interview now but
perhaps Fred would be able to point us to a link so that people on
Debian-med list can have a clue.  IMHO Fred's effort is worth a news
article on the Debian-Med page and I wish Fred best success.  I'm also
willing (as I offered in the past) to move essential software like
FreeB to the official Debian mirror.  I had a mail conversation
about this with Jeff Buchbinder from FreeMed in April 2004 and tried
agein in October 2004 but as far as I know my patches to Debian packaging
remained ignored (I'm unable to check for the very moment because I'm
in a hurry).  So if I can do anything what helps your effort - just
tell me.

Kind regards



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