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Re: Package Sponsoring, Directory, Category and Renaming

> > CYBOL applications are pure XML; binaries do not exist.
> > They are run "live" by CYBOI, which interprets them.
> > In other words, CYBOL files are the source + executable + configuration
> > of an application, at the same time, all in one.
> You should take a look at the Debian Python packaging policy.

Do you mean

Some good hints. But concerning /usr/share, they write:
"TODO: What about /usr/share/pythonX.Y?
Wait for upstream ... see http://python.org/sf/588756.";
It seems this is a question of all interpreted languages like Java etc.

Since CYBOL/XML application files are not compiled into byte code,
I think I stick with /usr/share for now.
However, I am not quite sure yet what to do with CYBOL libraries?
They will be pure XML, no binary code. To /usr/lib or to /usr/share?


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