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Package Sponsoring, Directory, Category and Renaming

Hi Andreas and Others,

we are planning to update our CYBOP Debian packages.
CYBOP contains the XML-based language CYBOL and its interpreter CYBOI,
written in C. These are not medical software, but application modules
of the "Res Medicinae" project (medical practice management) will be
written in CYBOL/XML. I've got a few questions concerning the packages:

1 Sponsor

We plan to release end of June, but still have no sponsor.
I had asked on debian-mentors in March, but nobody volunteered.
So, I ask once again on this list.

Andreas, some weeks ago you gave us hope that you would possibly
become our sponsor, if nobody else did, which we appreaciate a lot!
Is your offer still valid? We'd promise to create "good" packages,
not to cause too much additional work for you.

2 Directory

CYBOL applications are pure XML; binaries do not exist.
They are run "live" by CYBOI, which interprets them.
In other words, CYBOL files are the source + executable + configuration
of an application, at the same time, all in one.

Where best to place such application files in the UNIX file hierarchy?
I thought about /usr/share, but may be /usr/lib suits better or what else?

3 Category

Will the new Debian version > 3.1 contain a category "health" or "med"?
If not, could a Debian developer perhaps suggest this?
Until then, into which category best to place medical practice management
software? ("misc" or "science")

4 Renaming

Since 2002, Andreas maintains the "resmed-doc" package, which contains
a requirements analysis document. Because our new packages would conflict
with it, we suggest to rename it to "resmedicinae-analysis". In future,
the "resmedicinae-doc" package will contain the manual of "resmedicinae".

http://www.cybop.net/ http://cybop.berlios.de/
http://www.resmedicinae.org/ http://resmedicinae.sourceforge.net/

Thanks in advance for your comments,

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