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Re: Package Sponsoring, Directory, Category and Renaming

> > Andreas, some weeks ago you gave us hope that you would possibly
> > become our sponsor, if nobody else did, which we appreaciate a lot!
> > Is your offer still valid?
> Why not.  If I told something than it is valid until I gave explicite
> reasons why I changed my opinion.

Great! We will probably have the packages ready end of June/
beginning of July, and will inform you via private email.

> > We'd promise to create "good" packages,
> > not to cause too much additional work for you.
> I take your word as you can take mine. ;-)

I'll do my best. Actually, I do currently only write the READMEs,
changelogs etc. and Dennis Reichenbach builds the packages then.

> > Since 2002, Andreas maintains the "resmed-doc" package, which contains
> > a requirements analysis document. Because our new packages would conflict
> > with it, we suggest to rename it to "resmedicinae-analysis".
> Fine.  I would love to update this package which is really old and
> badly maintained.  Did you now provide a Makefile which makes it
> easy for me to convert XML to HTML?

I would really love to bring the document into a nicer shape and to
translate it to English. But up to now I have given coding in C higher
priority. My hope was always that one of the medical practitioners
talking on the openhealth- or resmedicinae-deutsch lists would take
this part. They are the experts and this is a task where they could
really move something. Unfortunately, nobody volunteered in 4 years.
I tried to get a student working on this but was unsuccessful so far.

Best Regards,

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