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Re: Package Sponsoring, Directory, Category and Renaming

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Christian Heller wrote:

Andreas, some weeks ago you gave us hope that you would possibly
become our sponsor, if nobody else did, which we appreaciate a lot!
Is your offer still valid?
Why not.  If I told something than it is valid until I gave explicite
reasons why I changed my opinion.

We'd promise to create "good" packages,
not to cause too much additional work for you.
I take your word as you can take mine. ;-)

Where best to place such application files in the UNIX file hierarchy?
I thought about /usr/share, but may be /usr/lib suits better or what else?
(or something like that).  Than you need a wrapper
which contains
   <interpreter> /usr/share/cyboi/<progname>

Will the new Debian version > 3.1 contain a category "health" or "med"?
Definitely not and I doubt that it will ever be.  The sections are
quite restricted.  This problem might be solved by the debtags effort
which tries to build a semantical web of packages.

If not, could a Debian developer perhaps suggest this?
Don't know, perhaps "misc" or "scientific".  Or "interpreters".
If you are unsure. ask on devel list.

Until then, into which category best to place medical practice management
software? ("misc" or "science")
Well, for my GnuMed packages I decided for "misc".  It is not really
science ...

Since 2002, Andreas maintains the "resmed-doc" package, which contains
a requirements analysis document. Because our new packages would conflict
with it, we suggest to rename it to "resmedicinae-analysis".
Fine.  I would love to update this package which is really old and
badly maintained.  Did you now provide a Makefile which makes it
easy for me to convert XML to HTML?

In future,
the "resmedicinae-doc" package will contain the manual of "resmedicinae".
Just prepare the packages.  It will not be a problem to rename
resmedicinae-doc.  As I said: A nice Makefile would drastically push
me to make a new package.

Kind regards



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