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Helping Debian-Med

Hello Andreas and All,

My name is Luiz Querino, and I am from Brazil, specifically from a city
called Marilia in the Sao Paulo state.

Currently I work for a non-profit educational institution, which is
affiliated with a non-profit hospital called "Hospital Espirita de
Marilia". (http://www.hem.org.br)

I am doing volunteer work for the hospital by helping them to upgrade
and improve the quality of their information services.

My dream is to provide to the hospital a complete management system,
replacing the current one (a really old app, DOS based), and make
GNU/Linux the default operating system on all of the hospital machines.

The system would have patient management, pharmacy management (with drug
databases), medical records management, billing, financial and
accounting, pay roll, among others.

I've been a free software and GNU/Linux enthusiast for several years,
and believe that it can help people and institutions who lack of enough
money or funding, like the above mentioned hospital.

I really want to contribute with Debian-Med. I think it would be the
perfect solution for Hospital Espirita and other medical institutions

I am willing to do anything that's necessary to help the project: write
documentation, translation, l10n and i18n, coding (I have Python, C,
Pascal and GTK experience), website related tasks, ....

Thank you all in advance,

Luiz Querino

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