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Re: Helping Debian-Med

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Luiz Carlos Querino Filho wrote:

> My name is Luiz Querino, and I am from Brazil, specifically from a city
> called Marilia in the Sao Paulo state.
DId you perhaps visited the Debian Conference in Porto Alegre in May?
Unfortunately I wasn't there but may be you had some chance to talk
to other Debian developers.  I'm just asking for the sake of interest
because I have heard that Debian was able to gather a big mass of
supporters in Brasil.

> My dream is to provide to the hospital a complete management system,
> replacing the current one (a really old app, DOS based), and make
> GNU/Linux the default operating system on all of the hospital machines.
To call it a dream is facing the reality, currently.  But having the
right vision for the future is a good thing.

> The system would have patient management, pharmacy management (with drug
> databases), medical records management, billing, financial and
> accounting, pay roll, among others.
For the facts: Debian jut needs ready applications from outside to be
integrated into Debian regarding packaging and integrating into the system.
So you have to ways to help out:

    1. Find an application which is fit for the purpose and package it.
    2. Do not directly Debian related work but join the community of
       so called "upstream developers" who are developing the application
       which fits your vision.

So it is your decision which I might be able to support.  The section of the
Debian-Med todo list which covers your interest is


which contains some potential hospital information system.  I'm afraid that
this list is not complete - for instance I have hear about (but not checked)
OSCAR (just ask Google and report here if you regard it worth mentioning).
If you ask me the most advanced application which is really worth for
integration in Debian is Vista.  But I regard it as a really hard job to
package this very complex system.  You will have to package the language
which is used for Vista (Mumps) in a first stage.  So this is a task for
a brave person. ;-)

If you want to follow the "increase quality of upstream software" path
you might have a look at Care2x or one of the other projects.  There are
also some projects in the


section which might fit your needs.  Just do some reasearch which one is
right for you and do not hesitate to ask here for further comments.

Kind regards and thanks for your support


> I've been a free software and GNU/Linux enthusiast for several years,
> and believe that it can help people and institutions who lack of enough
> money or funding, like the above mentioned hospital.
> I really want to contribute with Debian-Med. I think it would be the
> perfect solution for Hospital Espirita and other medical institutions
> worldwide.
> I am willing to do anything that's necessary to help the project: write
> documentation, translation, l10n and i18n, coding (I have Python, C,
> Pascal and GTK experience), website related tasks, ....
> Thank you all in advance,
> Luiz Querino

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