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Re: gnumed

>> Ok, Im at loose ends,
>> but has anyone got gnumedn running on debian?
Ian does, I suspect.

>> If so, are you using stable packages, or did you build
>> your own?
> I do not know about any Debian packages of GnuMed.  I assure you that I
> watch GnuMed closely
Thanks, Andreas, this is important to us.

> (right yesterday I visited their CVS and detected
> that they are quite busy - guessing from the date some files where checked
> in).  I'm just waiting for a sign of the authors that they have settled
> down with a version which is not very likely to have important changes
> in the near future.  It is not by chance that GnuMed is listed on top
> of http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/practice.
At the moment GNUmed is still too volatile to settle on a
version mostly due to the fact that little backend code has
been hashed out properly. The GUI, however, _is_ approaching
some sort of demoable state. If that helps we could in the
not-to-distant future tag a version in CVS as a "GUI-Demo"
release that provides little to no backend functionality but
might serve to show off major parts of the GUI.

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