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Re: gnumed

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

> >> Ok, Im at loose ends,
> >> but has anyone got gnumedn running on debian?
> Ian does, I suspect.
Good news.  So we have at least one tester ;-).

> At the moment GNUmed is still too volatile to settle on a
> version mostly due to the fact that little backend code has
> been hashed out properly.
Nice to hear that my impression was not wrong and I was just sitting
around while GnuMed is rock stable in production. ;-)
Feel free to announce any preliminary stuff which is worth packaging.
A short installation procedure description is very helpful in this

> The GUI, however, _is_ approaching
> some sort of demoable state. If that helps we could in the
> not-to-distant future tag a version in CVS as a "GUI-Demo"
> release that provides little to no backend functionality but
> might serve to show off major parts of the GUI.
It is your decision what might be worth packaging first.  If you think
this would help - I'll try my best.

Kind regards


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