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Re: TODO List


On Wed, 20 May 2020, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > Is the "Find upstream developers who are willing to work on LTS support"
> > still relevant? It lists packages such as Xen, which I thought were
> > already dealt with.
> yes and yes, xen is being taken care of atm. I've updated the TODO page.

Why is it still relevant? It doesn't look like that we had troubles
providing updates for the packages listed in that section, do we?

When the item was added, it was for upstream software thate were EOL
and where we didn't have the skills to prepare backports ourselves.

As long as we don't have such packages in stretch, the question is
irrelevant for me (because jessie is over mainly from a LTS point of

> > Also it occurred to me that Python 2 support is disappearing, but the
> > scripts in security tracker are still Python 3 only (my latest merge
> > requests have been stalled). Not sure if we need to add this to the TODO
> > list or not.
> I'd think so, though I'd defer the final decision to Raphael.

Fine for me.

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