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I am finding the TODO list hard to follow, so trying to improve it.
Currently it is more like a wish list, as opposed to an actionable list
of tasks.

Is the "Find upstream developers who are willing to work on LTS support"
still relevant? It lists packages such as Xen, which I thought were
already dealt with.

We probably need to break the TODO list down into actionable tasks. e.g.
"Improve the security-tracker to not break salsa" is not an actionable
task because nobody in the LTS team knows how to proceed with this.

Would this plugin be any use? https://moinmo.in/TaskPlanner - It might
allow us to visualise the required tasks in a cleaner manner.

Also it occurred to me that Python 2 support is disappearing, but the
scripts in security tracker are still Python 3 only (my latest merge
requests have been stalled). Not sure if we need to add this to the TODO
list or not.
Brian May <brian@linuxpenguins.xyz>

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