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Re: TODO List

Hi Brian,

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 08:06:09AM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> I am finding the TODO list hard to follow, so trying to improve it.

thanks, and I agree.

> Currently it is more like a wish list, as opposed to an actionable list
> of tasks.
> Is the "Find upstream developers who are willing to work on LTS support"
> still relevant? It lists packages such as Xen, which I thought were
> already dealt with.

yes and yes, xen is being taken care of atm. I've updated the TODO page.

> We probably need to break the TODO list down into actionable tasks. e.g.
> "Improve the security-tracker to not break salsa" is not an actionable
> task because nobody in the LTS team knows how to proceed with this.

there's a BTS bug for that which should be linked there.

> Would this plugin be any use? https://moinmo.in/TaskPlanner - It might
> allow us to visualise the required tasks in a cleaner manner.

probably, though I dunno how keen debian-www is to install it.

I think with or without the plugin we should reformat the wiki todo page
so that it gives a clearer view. I'm just not sure how...

> Also it occurred to me that Python 2 support is disappearing, but the
> scripts in security tracker are still Python 3 only (my latest merge
> requests have been stalled). Not sure if we need to add this to the TODO
> list or not.

I'd think so, though I'd defer the final decision to Raphael.


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