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Re: security upload imposing load on other parts of Debian


On 27/02/2020 02:57, Chris Lamb wrote:
>> I'm also vaguely pondering to do a survey among the Debian developers / teams.
>> Given LTS is now 6 years old I think this could be useful.
> I think the usefulness of this would very much depend on the
> specificity of the questions we ask. 
> There are a few contributors that I can immediately think of that are
> not shy in expressing their opinions on the LTS project when asked in
> general terms, so learning of these criticisms yet again would not be
> especially new and thus informative to us. I believe we would receive
> these if our query was along the lines of "So, everybody, what do you
> think of the Debian LTS initiative?".
> In contrast, being made aware of things that we do not already know
> (such as quietly imposing workloads on other teams) would be highly
> valuable to learn given the social implications of doing this.

This thread sounds weirdly formulated to me. I'd advice avoiding
"leading questions" should we start a survey.

We have an official Debian project (LTS, not eLTS), which is well
integrated in Debian and requires coordination which many other teams
and resources (security team, system administration, builders, ftp
Let's remind that the LTS suite is public and benefits all Debian users,
and that LTS regularly contributes to other parts of Debian.

In this particular case we have a security upload, which is time-sensitive.
The way people in the various teams are paid, directly or indirectly,
has little relevance to shipping a security fix timely to the Debian users.

Also I don't know what other complaints were sent to Holger, but in
light of our Social Contract "We will not hide problems" I would
encourage raising problems directly on this list.


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