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Re: jessie-updates gone


adding Jörg to the loop who is our responsible FTP master and the only
one who can make that happen.

Am 27.03.19 um 12:50 schrieb Matus UHLAR - fantomas:
> On 27.03.19 11:20, Bernie Elbourn wrote:
>> I am very grateful for all the work done here. You are all heroes!
>> Can I gently ask if we can just blank the stretch-updates archive next
>> time
>> round please.  Otherwise every stable machine out there now will need a
>> change.
> That's what I meant too. I probably should have emphasized that.
>> If it is possible to wiz up a blank jessie-updates this will save me
>> visiting a bunch of systems throwing apt errors in next few days.
> I wonder if it wasn't blank already. All of its contents was supposed to be
> moved to jessie main archive with last point release and no content should
> be there after that.

So the idea is to readd the empty jessie-updates directory to avoid apt
errors when updating? Jörg is this possible?



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