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Re: Removal of 'arm64' from debian-security repo breaks community projects

Hello Lee,

at the moment we only support four architectures, amd64, i386, armel and
armhf because these are the ones which were requested by users and
sponsors of Debian's Long Term support project. I believe we would all
love to support even more architectures in the future but this mostly
depends on demand. Ideally this should have been discussed before the
Jessie LTS cycle started.

I suggest to wait until Raphael Hertzog returns from his vacation next
week. He is able to clarify if the inclusion of arm64 might be a
realistic goal two months after Jessie started. We would also need the
approval of our DSA team, the keepers of our infrastructure, because we
need arm64 autobuilders to provide this service. Also every updated
package since June 17th had to be rebuilt on arm64.

As an alternative you can always choose to upgrade to Debian 9 "Stretch"
which we recommend for users of non-supported architectures anyway. [1]

You will also find older releases at archive.debian.org eventually.



[1] https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Using

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