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Re: unattended upgrades don't work in wheezy

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 10:02 PM, Matus UHLAR wrote:
I just found out that the unattended-upgrades package in wheezy does not
upgrade packages although configured to do it.

On 2017-07-04 22:13:44, Paul Wise wrote:
I note that this same situation will apply to jessie when it becomes

I haven't tested the default stretch sources.list and u-u configuration.

luckily, with the configuration shown one paragraph below it won't.
admins using modified config file will have to take care...

On 04.07.17 10:38, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
I can at least say it seems to be fixed in stretch. This is my stretch
system's default u-u config:


It seems we should be using the codename there ("wheezy") and not the
archive name ("oldstable") as the latter has the risk of doing
unexpected major updates, although I suspect u-u may have built-in
protections against this.

On 04.07.17 17:13, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
I believe it has. This is however a problem of sources-list configuration,
not u-u itself.

Therefore when we fix this, we should use codename, if that's supported
in wheezy. There were issues with codename matching, however (#704087)
which may make that impossible, so we may be forced to do the
"oldoldstable" trick...

I have tried it and unfortunately it does not work. We apparently need the
oldoldstable trick...

so, can we expect updated package to appear in wheezy soon?
should I bug someone or is anyone taking a look at it?

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