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Re: unattended upgrades don't work in wheezy

Control: fixed -1 0.93.1+nmu1

Adding the bug in CC.

On 2017-07-04 22:13:44, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 10:02 PM, Matus UHLAR wrote:
>> I just found out that the unattended-upgrades package in wheezy does not
>> upgrade packages although configured to do it.
> I note that this same situation will apply to jessie when it becomes
> oldoldstable.
> I haven't tested the default stretch sources.list and u-u configuration.

This is a recurring problem, but I think it was fixed in more recent
releases (e.g. jessie). It was reported in #762965 before and I believe
those bugs may need to be merged.

I can at least say it seems to be fixed in stretch. This is my stretch
system's default u-u config:


I added the following line to automate minor upgrades as well:


(Something that is still not fixed in the package, see #787945 for that
peculiar issue.)

It seems we should be using the codename there ("wheezy") and not the
archive name ("oldstable") as the latter has the risk of doing
unexpected major updates, although I suspect u-u may have built-in
protections against this.

Therefore when we fix this, we should use codename, if that's supported
in wheezy. There were issues with codename matching, however (#704087)
which may make that impossible, so we may be forced to do the
"oldoldstable" trick...

(There is, by the way, a long-standing need to do some serious triaging
in the unattended-upgrades BTS queue: lots of duplicates and old bugs
keep on accumulating there.)


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