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Re: Regression problem, call for advice Re: Call for advice and testing of nss (and nspr) and intention to upload correction

Hello all,

Ola Lundqvist:
> As I can see it there are the following options:
> 1) Do nothing. Let it be like this. We have a regression problem but only
> for software that fork and use nss in several threads.
> 2) Try to reverse the library split. This is a non-trivial task.
> 3) Try to fix the dlopen problem. I have tried in many ways but always
> fail. If anyone have a really good idea about this, please let me know.
> 4) Reverse the whole nss update. I'm not 100% sure how to do that as we did
> a version update and it is hard to "downgrade". We can certainly fix the
> CVE that this update solved. It should not be too hard.
> What do you all think is the best option?

I'd suggest a variation of 4, which is
- keep the latest NSS pkgs as is, which is equivalent to your option 1.
- for the oldstable users who suffer from this problem (like me),
  provide the previous NSS pkgs so that they can downgrade as their own
- "provide" here means just to put the previous versions somewhere on
  Debian site as "hold-pkgs-for-oldstable" or something.

> The investigation have taken a considerable amount of time so I do not want
> to continue with this unless you really think it is important.

I appricate your effort, Ola.

J. R. Okajima

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