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Re: Regression problem, call for advice Re: Call for advice and testing of nss (and nspr) and intention to upload correction

Hello all,
there is still one thing, that is unclear for me. Chromium is security unsupported package. But does it also mean, that it is unsupported at all (can be non-function after install by apt-get install chromium)?

I am aware, that wheezy chromium package is quite outdated for today web. But isn't this decision precedence for another similar packages? Security support for ruby-rails-2.3 was also ceased. Let's say, that I have application that is tested against that. I can still easily install it and run it under that, even if there are some described and non-fixed security vulnerabilities. And that wouldn't be true if some library, that it depand on would be upgraded to non-compatible version. I see it as a problem, that wasn't here in pre-lts verions. If I'll install woody, all packaged would be outdated, but fully function. That will not be true with  wheezy anymore (at least until libnss3 downgrade).

Is there some debian policy regarding it?

Jiri Jansky

P.S.: Current chrome-stable has unment dependencies in wheezy

2016-11-02 0:18 GMT+01:00 Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk>:
On Tue, 2016-11-01 at 23:37 +0100, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> Hi Ben, Balint and others
> I'd like to have some advice on this regression.
> 1) Is this worth investigating?
>  - Chrome is not supported, however we have now made it to crash. Ben
> obviously like that but maybe others do not have the same opinion.

I like that the outdated Debian package of chromium for wheezy is now
unusable.  If the current upstream version of Chromium (or Chrome) is
also broken then that *is* a problem - but I didn't think it could
still run on wheezy, or that it would use nss as a system library.

> 2) Is this severe enough for me to revert the nss 3.26 upload?

If *only* the outdated Debian package of chromium is affected, then
obviously I don't think it is.


Ben Hutchings
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