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Re: bin/genDLA proposal: auto-commit requested DLA numbers (was: Re: [SECURITY] [DLA 265-1] unattended-upgrades security update)


On Sun, 05 Jul 2015, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> I just looked at the patch and played with it a little.
> Comments:
>   o We maybe want to do an "svn update" before manipulating data/DLA/list
>     and data/dla-needed.txt file? Probably a minor thing, but it svn
> updating could
>     be handeled by the script, as well

No opinion here.

>   o I'd auto-generate a commit message, something like:
>     -m "reserve $IDMODE-$DAID for $PACKAGE"


>   o Also, the "warning" text message on screen is above the svn diff output.
> There it somehow
>     gets lost and "stayed unseen" for me, the first time I tested this
> patch. Maybe the warning
>     message should be right above the "Do you want to commit now?"
> question.(?)


And committed the result.

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