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Re: bin/genDLA proposal: auto-commit requested DLA numbers (was: Re: [SECURITY] [DLA 265-1] unattended-upgrades security update)

On Fri, 03 Jul 2015, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> I just discussed this with Moritz Mühlenhoff on #debian-security. His
> request is to leave all genDSA specific stuff in the genD{S,L}A script
> untouched.

What about the attached patch ?

It displays a colorful warning and offers to commit only the
modified file (if you use svn, if you use git-svn like me, you're on your

I can make that conditional on IDMODE=DLA but I believe it can be useful
for the security team too. You can skip the commit if you have a good
reason and it avoids you typing one command in other cases.

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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diff --git a/bin/gen-DSA b/bin/gen-DSA
index 395a8f1..82d3c64 100755
--- a/bin/gen-DSA
+++ b/bin/gen-DSA
@@ -368,4 +368,12 @@ EOF
     sed -rn '/^'"$PACKAGE"'\b/{: next;n;/^\s/b next;d};p' $needed_file > $needed_file.new
     mv $needed_file.new $needed_file
     echo "$IDMODE text written to ./$IDMODE-$DAID"
+    warn "you need to commit the changes to data/$IDMODE/list to actually reserve the $IDMODE number and avoid conflicts with others."
+    if [ -d .svn ]; then
+	echo -n "Do you want to commit it now ? [Yn] "
+	read reply
+	if [ "$reply" = "Y" ] || [ "$reply" = "" ] || [ "$reply" = "y" ]; then
+	    svn commit data/$IDMODE/list
+	fi
+    fi

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