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Re: New problem with GIMP plugin file-jpeg

Hello Bret

El 30/01/15 a las 04:37, Bret Busby escribió:

> I had posted the message to the LTS list, as I had believed that the
> problem arose from a package update that was implemented as part of
> the LTS "maintenance".
> However, I appear to have been wrong in my assumption - the problem
> appears to have arisen from the increasing instability of my Debian 6
> LTS system.
> I had, previous to the message above, understood that the LTS mailing
> list was a mailing list to discuss matters relevant to the Debian 6
> LTS system, including how to implement the LTS component of the
> system, and, problems with packages that are part of that system, so
> that, especially if an "LTS update" is found to be defective, the
> update can be fixed.
> Perhaps, clarifiication as to what exactly is the purpose of the list,
> could be helpful, so that users of Debian 6 LTS, would know that the
> mailing lists is not for the benefit of users of Debian 6 LTS; for
> discussion and resolution of problems encountered in the course of the
> use of the Debian 6 LTS system, and, achieving resolution of such
> problems; that the list is instead, for the benefit of the Debian 6
> LTS developers.

I'm a Squeeze user and follow this list from the beginning, but I am not
part of the team, so I cannot clarify.
IMHO, the general Debian user support channels serve better as first
step (even with LTS), but I may be wrong.

Best regards
Laura Arjona Reina

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